Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tech For Africa Teaming Up With Laurel Hill

October 27, 2011
          Technology For Africa II will be teaming up with the elementary school, Laurel Hill, located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina with hopes of connecting young students from all over the globe. Laurel Hill and it's bright inhabitants have agreed to donate and assemble school supplies into personal customized packages including letters, drawings and other mementos with the intentions of building global awareness and heartfelt connections between the youth of Cameroon and the United States. The packages will travel with the TFA group when they head to Cameroon in the Spring and given to each of the 150 students in the small countryside elementary. In response, we are planning on bringing those favors full circle and having each of the receiving students prepare a returning package with personalized notes and letters to further the communication and establish bonds that normally would not form, bringing us one step closer to the peace, understanding and compassion that this earth has been searching for.

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