Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bonne Fete De La Femme!

After finishing breakfast we set off on our two hour ride towards the Universite Des Montagne to finish up our endeavors from the previous day. The first mission was to finish installing the SmartBoard and deliver training to some of the students, faculty, and technicians about the possibilities that the new technology has to offer. It was amazing to see the SmartBoard up and running as students had the chance to sign their names and receive their first hands-on experience with the board. As we looked at the SmartBoard it we couldn't help but see all of the people back in the United States who helped lead us to this moment. We could not tell who was more enthused, the students at having received this wonderful donation or the members of Technology For Africa seeing a portion of their mission come alive. 

After leaving the main university campus, we headed to the clinic associated with the university, where members of the community are working to supply, train, and create an prominent hospital. The medical clinic shows great promise in expanding its services, faculty, and the quality needed to both train future students and provide the community with the health care that is so needed in the surrounding areas. As a portion of Bandage For Africa $18,500 was raised towards a brand new ultrasound machine to be installed in the clinic, with a most sincere thank you going out to Possibilities Without Borders and an anonymous donor. A major portion of today's events were dedicated to operating and delivering basic operational training to the doctors and students. Dr. Brittany and her patient Will did a great job teaching the clinic members!

After a debriefing between Dr. Desplaces and the board members of the college, our efforts at the the Universite Des Montagnes were complete for this year. A heart warming exchange of contacts, gifts, and sincere thank you guided us out of the city of Bagante. And for those of you who do not know, today is officially international women's day, so to all the lovely ladies partout le monde (around the world): "Bonne fete de la femme!"
A student wearing her beautiful women's
day dress, with this year's Cameroon pattern
that was parading everywhere in the cities in honor
of all of the hard working ladies!


  1. Wow! How neat! Dr. Brittany u look great in this pic! Seeing all you guys are doing makes me so amazed and proud!

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