Monday, March 7, 2011

Université des Montagnes

Today was an amazing day! We visited the Université des Montagnes, a medical university located about an hour away from the plantation. We arrived at the college with a mixture of excitement, curiosity, and nerves at meeting and interacting with the Cameroonian students. We were given an in-depth tour of the campus where we discovered that all nine of the laptops from the previous project were in perfect condition, accounted for and appreciated more than ever. We also learned about the progress that the university has made in researching and creating various types of important medicines.


After the campus tour Will, Carolyn, and Brittany delivered an Entrepreneurship and Business ethics workshop that was attended by about 128 students. They did a great job briefing the students at the college about some of the business aspects that we are learning in our own education back in the states. Throughout the presentation, students were asked various business questions and if they answered correctly in french they received Obama Tshirts, which have been met with great enthusiasm during both the previous trip and today. At the end of the presentation, Dr. Desplaces announced that we decided to donate one of the two SmartBoards and six laptops to facilitate their medical and educational endeavors. Cheers flooded the room and the members of Tech For Africa beamed as they saw their hard work finally come to life. 

Following Tech For Africa's presentation, some of the students at the university delivered a medical presentation telling a little more about the efforts and goals at the college. We broke for lunch and then it was off to set up the SmartBoard! During the assembly, 39 members of the college's student government body gathered with TFA to discuss business questions, endeavors, advice and engage in some global collegiate conversation. We were all blown away by their extensive knowledge, passion, hard work, and potential displayed by each and every student at the university. The room was filled with laughter, chatter in French and English, and the sound of promising relationships being formed. The day came to an end and back to the plantation we drove, exhausted, hopeful, and full of a new found vigor towards education and opportunity among people around the globe.

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