Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soccer Ball Salutations

We have all returned safely to the United States and are already running around in the day to day chaos, however the efforts of Technology For Africa are still echoing in our ears. We have received news about the effects of three of the Charleston Battery Soccer balls that were given to a peace corps volunteer stationed in another region in Cameroon. An email and pictures were sent, thanking Tech For Africa for it's donation. The balls were given to two different primary schools, and the other one is being held onto for a special occasion or reward, to spread out the excitement. The kids were previously playing with completely deflated balls, and our gifts were given with impeccable timing as they have a soccer tournament coming up! The balls were received with immense gratitude:

"When I told one of the teachers that I was going to give them a soccer ball he grabbed me, hugged me, and then wouldn't let me go until I had a series of cheek kisses. He even started to jump up and down. I had asked him if his school could use a soccer ball and I took his jumping as a YES!" 
-Jessica, Peace Corps Volunteer-

It is amazing to see an action that seems so simple, truly impact the lives of the kids in such a positive way. Another thank you goes out to the Charleston Battery soccer team and Jessica for bringing the donations!

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