Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meeting With The Sultan

After all the hard work we have been putting in the past few days, we spent the day checking out the sights of the previous Tech For Africa team's efforts. We began our day paying a brief visit to the elementary school down the road where we will be working all day tomorrow. Our driving destination for the day: the palace of the Sultan of Foubom but before we could meet with his majesty, we went to one of the donation sights of the last Tech For Africa trip. Unfortunately one of the four laptops were missing, however the three remaining laptops have been being put to exceptional use. During the last project, TFA I provided the computer lab with a year's worth of internet and we discovered upon our return that they had created a business to continue the funds for the internet. In addition to this major progress, many people delivered descriptions, progress, and goals for projects that they have created and been working on thanks to the laptops and internet opportunity that Tech For Africa I provided. One project that really stood out was a a female owned mushroom business that has experienced such a growing demand that she is currently in the process of expanding her operation. The woman learned her techniques of producing mushrooms and their various nutritional and medicinal uses while using the TFA laptops and having the opportunity to access the internet. Another project consisted of creating a program to instruct and empower other business people on using the internet and computers, expanding on our efforts of "Teach The Teacher." Other projects ranged from online antique sales, handicapped services, as well as HIV and AIDS treatment and prevention. It was absolutely to see the previous trip's hard work being put to great use and to see the people really empowering themselves and trying to make a difference in their community.

After hearing about the projects and answering questions from a variety of business it was time to meet with the Sultan! We were all a bit nervous as we were briefed on the proper etiquette and bowing form, but his majesty ended up being completely charming. During our visit we received a tour of the palace museum displaying many of the dynasty relics, historical documents and artifacts. Our royal visit was completed when we had the opportunity to visit the Queen's house and partake in desserts and refreshments.

Visiting With The Queen
Before heading to the plantation, we had the chance to practice our bargaining techniques at the local market. Two long rows of shops left our heads spinning, our pockets a bit lighter and smiles on our faces as headed to the car hands full of hard bargained trinkets from Africa. Tomorrow will be one of our most important days, with all of our focus being directed towards the elementary school and providing the kids with the technology that everyone worked so hard towards!


  1. What a fabulous experience for all of you. How exciting to see validation of your hard work and to know that what you are doing is truly maing a difference. Hope everyone had brushed up on their meet-the-Sultan etiquette! Thank you for what you are doing. You are appreciated here as well as in Cameroon. Safe journeys to you all. Holland